Benefits of Camping

Great Activity

Camping is a great recreational activity because it allows you to get away from the hectic city life and reconnect with nature. Camping can often lead to unique experiences of discovery like finding new wild life animals or plants.

Spending Time

Camping can also lead to you spending time in areas that have no cell phone coverage which can be beneficial for decompressing from any stress or anxiety. Find out more about hytte kristiansand.

Rental Equipment

Camping is a cost effective way to travel, because camping gear can be purchased used and rental equipment is available in most areas. Finally camping has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Better Sleep

These include decreased blood pressure, better sleep and even weight loss if you participate in the hiking portion of your trip.

Natural Setting

Camping has been shown to decrease your blood pressure. One study conducted at Stanford University showed that sitting in a natural setting can lower your blood pressure.

Natural Environment

After two hours in a natural environment systolic blood pressure decreased by an average of 7.5 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure decreased by an average of 4mmHg. 

This shows that even short trips into nature can benefit you.

Many studies have shown that natural environments promote better sleep.

Improved Sleep

One study conducted in Japan examined the effects of having a view of nature versus a view of buildings on sleep quality. The people who viewed the buildings had worse sleep quality than those who viewed the natural setting. Are you looking for overnatting kristiansand click here to know more details. 

Camping Trips

This shows how important being exposed to nature is for getting a good nights sleep on camping trips. This allowed them to burn more calories over the next few hours. Those who viewed natural landscapes reported higher feelings of awe and pleasure while the other group did not report any change in mood. 

Experiencing nature

Experiencing nature has been shown to help with weight loss as well. One study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that after 20 minutes of experiencing nature subjects felt more relaxed and their heart rates decreased.

Viewing Pictures

Connecting with nature has been shown to increase feelings of awe which is defined as a feeling of surprise mixed with admiration, wonder or fear. A study was conducted where students were asked to rate their mood before and after viewing pictures of urban landscapes versus natural landscapes.

Improved Stress Resistance

The health benefits of camping do not stop at your physical body. Camping has been shown to reduce stress levels which can be very beneficial for your mental health. A study conducted in Finland showed that spending time in a natural setting led to lower salivary cortisol concentrations and increases in positive mood states. If you are looking for Tents & Camping Gear for Sale click here to find out more.

Experience Nature

This shows that experiencing nature improves mood dramatically

Improved Mood

This shows how beneficial it can be to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience nature.

Recreational Activity

Camping is a great recreational activity that everyone should try. You get to enjoy the outdoors, experience new things and even have potential health benefits.

Camping Including

There are many options for camping including RV’s, yurts, cabins or camping in a tent.

Ssleeping Bags

Many campgrounds allow you to rent certain equipment like tents or sleeping bags so you do not need to purchase it new.